About Me

Meeting with people one on one, in the privacy of their own homes provides an environment that is conducive for positive change. Pursuing my passion to help people make healthy, long-term dietary changes in their life is the primary motivation for Culinary-Cures.  I am a relationship oriented person and care deeply about helping people, especially when it involves nutrition.  With so much information available on the Internet, it is crucial to equip people to decipher science-based information from half-truths often purported as factual.

In order for me to become a registered dietitian nutritionist, I had to complete 1,200 internship hours.  These hours were spent in a variety of settings: pediatric, renal, diabetes, extended care facilities, WIC, and an in-patient hospital setting.  With each rotation I noticed a common scenario, as patients left the physician’s office they were given a piece of paper telling them what not to eat to best deal with their illness or condition.  More often than not, patients I met with expressed great frustration because they needed to make dietary changes, but they did not know how or where to begin. Or, they tried to make changes and failed so they gave up and reverted back to their old ways.  Unfortunately, time is a limiting factor in each of the arenas I observed.  Doctors, nurses, and even the dietitians in dialysis centers were already overworked and could not afford to devote the amount of time and attention their patients needed.  These patients need someone who can give them individual training on how to make necessary changes with their dietary habits.  In a science classroom setting, a student is required to take a lecture and a lab class because research has shown how important hands-on learning is.  I want to provide the “hands-on” learning by meeting with clients in the privacy of their own homes, deriving a menu closest to what they normally eat while aligning with their unique dietary needs, showing the client how to grocery shop, then teaching them how to cook using their own kitchens and tools.

As the old saying goes “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”  None of the dietitians I researched in my area have a culinary background, and they all focused on counseling, not hands-on learning that will provide long term, healthy dietary changes.

Texas Woman’s University, Masters in Nutrition, Start-up Star, Minerva Scholar
Le Cordon Bleu, Culinary Degree
Texas Christian University, Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences, Coordinated Program in Dietetics